I've lost 50% of my goal (4 lbs) since my official weigh-in. I'm very proud of myself, although I feel terrible. It's really humid where I live right now (as with many places), and with the thunderstorms, my migraines are really acting up. I usually get 2-3 migraines a month now that I'm medicated, but I never realized that I would turn to food when I was in pain. There's nothing I've wanted more than a slice of pizza and an ice cold Pepsi these last few days. I kicked my soda and caffeine addiction back in April, but sometimes I want a Pepsi so freaking bad.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I haven't cheated at all since the challenge started-even with these awful cravings associated with pain. I wanted to give some hope and a "you can do it" to anyone with similar problems right now. Don't give in. Either eat something clean, or go take a nap until your blood sugar regulates again. 

When I lost 45lbs the first time, I had a lot of help by following Atkins. I don't truly follow it anymore, but there is so much truth behind limiting your sugars to only the natural sugars found in natural foods. My muscles are sore even without exercise because they are running low on glycogen, but I am making sure to be eating fruits, oatmeal, lean protein and veggies. I just tested my urine with a Ketostick, and I am in Ketosis. Seeing the purple helps me stay on track.

Odd little turn of topic there, but I am finished now. Keep it going, everyone.