Besides the fact that my brand new scale didn't work and I had to run over and borrow my neighbor's scale (and will have to use it again in a month), and then had to redo it all because I didn't stand on the scale for the full-length photo, today was great!

complex carbs: 3

Fats: 2.5

Protein: 5

Green veggies: 1.5

Treat: 1/12 or 1/16 of a Trader Joes Dark Chocolate candy bar (can't remember how many rectangles there are but I just had one)

water: 90 ounces

Workout A (from my women's book of workouts (if anyone wants the name, just say):

DB box lunge: 3x15x8, Underhand grip lat raise: 3x12x8, Russian twist (abs): 3x20 each side, Alt. DB Shoulder press: 3x15x8, Swiss ball plank (hard!): 3x50sec40sec30sec, core stabilization: 2x15

(The following not from that book but an article at T-Nation) Complex: Deadlift, straight leg Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, bent over row, front squat, push press, back squat, good morning (six rounds starting w/six reps of each w/o letting go of 45lb bar, 45 sec rest after each set, dropping one rep on each set -- so first set of all doing 6 reps of each exercise, last set only doing 1 of each exercise) 

Hiit after weights and a 10 min rest, walked my dog 3 miles later in the day.

So happy to say that not once was I tempted to cheat on my food.  Really need to eat more veggies, but was a really busy day and didn't get my salad!