My latest challenges have been harder as my husband is back from his travels and I'm starting to socialize more. I'm also in the 'looking pretty good' territory, so the sense of urgency for getting fit and sticking to my plan has weakend. A couple of cheat meals and drinks over the weekend eliminated any progress I have made in the past week or so. Hopefully it's just a blip.

I'm starting crossfit this week and am really looking forward to building muscle. It is also really obvious that everything slips when I don't get enough sleep. Went to bed after midnight twice over the weekend and my discipline in terms of food and exercise really slumped.

So here's my commitment for this week:

  • in bed at 10 pm every night. Lights out by 1030.
  • 2 10 km runs this week
  • 2 cross fit session
  • 1 yoga session
  • daily walks
  • low salt
  • more water than I think I need
  • Huge pile of veg at every meal (including my breakfast smoothie)
  • no sugar, white flour, white rice, processed food.