Today July 23, 2014 


So after the extreme stress of Monday and Tuesday I took today as Mental Health Day. I got called for 2 interviews while I was off today. I went to both. 


One job is so close I could walk there in 5 minutes but it's night shift. It throughs me off so much. 

Job Two is 30 minutes away - straight shot to Marshall Texas.  It's weekend doubles 7am to 11pm. 32 hours a week and it's not bad pay. It feels comfortable there. It's been open since the 50's.  I could pick up shifts for overtime if I would like throughout the week $$. I won't mess with sleep schedule as much as 3rd shift. 

I chose the second job. 


I will have time to take weekday aerobic classes through the week. 


Here's the schedule I was thinking. 

Now if I can just do it!