Today July 22, 2014 Tuesday

Today was a 6 out 10 for personal best. Water all in plus some. No fast food (but I did have candy bar)! I need to pack more snacks while on the road. Exercised 30 minutes on Elliptical level 4 and 8. Walked indoor track 1.5miles. 

Very stressful morning boss and qa lady had a sit down. Didn't get all my visits in and I think that will look bad. Still spending 2 to 3 hours per day documenting on my own time. Minimal pay but mileage does add up to a lot. But I've but 3,000 miles on my car in 3 weeks! That's a little much even for home health. Already need another oil change. Missed Doctor's appointment because out in the boon docks. 

Good news I have an interview tomorrow! It's the nursing home in front on my apartment by a block. Only bad thing is it's night shift. But on nights I can get in bed by 8am and be up with Eddie when he gets home. I'll be able to get my workout in at the same time. Rotating nights so I'll be off during some weekdays :) I'll be able to go to my favorite "Aqua Zumba" and "Aqua Combo" lessons. I will need to get tint for the windows. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. Interviews at 4:30pm. 

Well off to bed so I can get up at 4 am to document then off at 7am to do qa all before heading out into the field. 155 miles on Monday and 120 on Tuesday. 


I apologize for venting. 


~Megan Way~