Today was a busy day. I woke ate my egg white breakfast, did HIIT for 25 mins. My booty & inner thighs are a little sore from yesterday's workout. Not unbearable but a good sore! Unfortunally I didn't have time to do the "PEPSI" or my upper body workout today :-( I just didn't have time which sucks! I went to Sports Authority and Walgreens to return both pedometers I had purchased last week. I just wasn't satisfied with either one of them. So I purchased FitBit at sports authority. I've read alot of good reviews about it so I think I will be happy with it. I also see a few people on here using it as well so it must be good!

I also went to grocery store, the line was awful. I didn't think it would be on a Tuesday. Had to go to a couple of different stores too and post office. Got home put groceries away & cooked dinner. Swept, vacuumed, mopped house. Tomorrow I'll tackle bathroom, dusting, & sweeping front and back porch. My friend came over whom I hadn't seen in a long time so I didn't get to eat dinner til way late around 9:30pm.

Timing for my eats for the day were awful, since I wasn't really home and when I was I was too busy to eat. Breakfast was good, snack 1 banana, dinner chicken + veggies + quinoa. I feel like I ran around like a chicken without a head today! The weather was ugly raining all day, it's so cold for us used to having sunny beautiful weather almost all year long. It's actually cold outside at least for me lol Amazing it was 84 degrees last night when I went walking at the park, I was sweating and tonight it's chilli outside. Our first cold night for the year, but it looks like will have beautiful weather for walking at park tomorrow ;-)

That pretty much sums up my day ;-) Off to do some work.