I am making this post for my own FYI as well as for anyone one who wants to read it :-) I officially made it. It's been fun and very motivational. Stressful at times, specially when the scale doesn't move no matter how hard you worked your body for it to do so. Then you just want to hit the scale with a hammer or throw it out the window lol. But now I can sit back and at least look at the logs, progress I made, what I have learned from others, how to keep track, tweak when needed, and stay focused.

I'm planning on taking today off from exercising as a reward. Not from my "Eating clean/Gluten free" because for health reasons that has to be a life style for me not just a diet to lose weight. I'll probably up my calories for today though lol As far as a sweet treat I really don't crave one, never been a sweets/dessert person except for a couple of days around my TOM.

I'm planning on joining another game but haven't picked one out yet. Want to relax for a couple of days first and just do my thing.

My true weight loss journey began Oct 22nd weight in was 169.5 lbs, 7 wks ago. Almost 3 weeks after my initial date I found out about dietbet's Buffmother's Hot Holidays. It was just what I needed to keep me on track. I weight in 164.5 lbs Nov 11th the beginning of the game. I had already lost 5 lbs since my Oct 22nd starting day. My current weight is now 157.5 lbs. A total of 12lbs in 7 weeks! I am so proud of myself and so tickled about it, because I am normally a snail weight loser. Very frustrating, it's like my body makes up it's mind, gets set on a particular weight and won't budge no matter what! It wasn't always like this, I used to not ever have to diet or even gain weight but since I've gotten older and menopause is starting to kick in it has all been out of wack.

Another funny thing is, I was able to compare my submitted Nov 11th pic with todays and to be honest I must have lost the weight from my big fat toe or something lol lol Because I really dont see any difference. I'm telling my self it's to small of a loss to see a difference and if the scale says so it must be true! :-)

I didn't take my measurements when I first started Oct 22 because I really didn't think of it at the time. But I did start taking then on Oct 30th and here they are:

Chest 35 inches
Waist 33.5 inches
Hips 44 inches
Biceps 11.5 inches
Lower thigh 19.5 inches
Upper Thigh 25.25 inches
Calf 15.25 inches

Last Week's Measurements Date Dec 4th (I take them every Thursday not due to take again for 2 more days)

Chest 32.5 inches  LOST 2.5 inches
Waist 31.5 inches  LOST 2 inches
Hips 41.75 inches  LOST 2.25 inches
Biceps 10.75 inches  LOST .75 inches
Lower thigh 18.25 inches  LOST 1.25 inches
Upper Thigh 23.5 inches  LOST 1.75 inches
Calf 14.75 inches  LOST .5 inches

Total inches lost 11 and 12lbs but I still don't see it in the mirror, but the scale and measuring tape say I did! lol

Best of luck to everyone on their journey!!