Haven't made a post in a while. I've been sooo busy, over the holidays, working out, mini vacation, Remodeling home and so on lol. My weight has not changed since my last weight in on thanksgiving day, which the drop in lbs motivated me to manage to not over indulge during the holidays. Haven't lost anymore but no gains either still at 158.5! I'm only .6 lbs away to reach my 4% to be a dietbet winner, I'm trying really hard to meet my goal. But in my heart I already am because I was finally able to break my 160's milestone, which many times in the past I had failed.

My eating is still pretty clean though, I've had a few crackers here and there (gluten free though) I'm still struggleling to give up soda completelly but other than that it's very clean and all natural.

Exercising: I've kept up with my lifting workouts 3 times a wk + cardio. The weirdest thing has been happening. When I first started lifting weights I would be dead tired afterwards. Now I have increased my weights, lift pretty much to failure where my limbs are almost shaking for a few seconds when done, yet right after (about 15 minutes) I get such a burst of energy that I can't content myself, I feel pumped up, on an energy high. Like I just want to jump around or something lol. My husband told me the other day "Girl you need to slow down, u already workedout, Watching you is making me tired"! I laughed and told him I couldn't help it, I felt like I was on speed or something lol. So I've been taking advantage and doing zumba to use up this energy! Don't know if this is normal or what but it's been happening the last 3 lifting sessions and I like it!!

Hope everyone is doing good and reaching their goal!