OK, it's day 6 and life is good.  Why?


1.  I have my social bet diet group to support me.

2.   After reading their blogs when I get down - I have strength to go one more day - which is all the strenght I need - day by day and with each passing moment.


3.  I've lost two pounds (0.142 stones) and I'm encouraged.  The eating 5 small meals a day for a total of 1200 calories (which is-- according to all the charts-- all I can eat in a day if I have moderate exercise and want to lose 2 lbs a week) combined with moderate exercise is working.  The big thing for me is the constant encouragement I get from this site!  It helps!  It works! 

4.  It's sunday and my daughter is home from college and my husband is home from work and we are all going to Church together - which always cheers me up.  


Keep going team.  I'm old and I'm losing weight.  You can too.