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Favorite Health Food: Chicken Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: glass of wine

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running,

My Approach to Weight Loss: 1400kcal/ 21K training plan

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: 1200-1400 kcal/6 +1day carbo load

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Mapmyrun

Fitness Devices: My MP3 player

DietBet Winnings: $82.45

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Congratulations, and now for the winnings...
by - 12/18/2014 11:55PM

I still have another Dietbet running -- all through Christmas and New Years -- and while I'd thought... Read More ›

Forget Pizza. Broccoli's the Culprit!
by - 12/08/2014 3:55AM

Not that I've had pizza since the bet started... so what's the problem? I've been back to my normal ... Read More ›

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I had better cut back on beans and broccoli today - good thinking! I'm wavering right around goal, so better safe than sorry for today!

Lori M.

Great info to know when you're cutting it close for weigh-in day! I knew to stay away from my beloved carbs, but broccoli? Who knew? Thanks for the great post!
Hello turkey week! It's loaded triple for me.
by - 11/25/2014 3:52AM

So, not only is it Thanksgiving this week, the day after that is my birthday (a.k.a yummy cake day),... Read More ›

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Happy early birthday and great job planning ahead!


My strategy looks a lot like yours! Let's all have a strong week of nutritive eating and solid workouts! I'm definitely also going for a post-meal walkathon with family and friends too. Happy ThanksBirthday week to you - oh, what a fun holiday weekend ahead!
The first week in review: good good, fine, good enough
by - 11/23/2014 3:36AM

Waking up from treat Saturday, I felt SO refreshed -- especially after walking around like a zombie ... Read More ›

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I have got the clearest of patterns too -- helps me to not get any surprises for D1! Hope you can get some good sleep this week!!


Such awesomeness knowing your body this well. I knew better than to have the dinner I had last night (deep fried battered fish and sweet potato fries and one beer). Paying the piper today...feeling horrible physically and disappointed in myself. Just reading your blog post lifted my spirits....yeah bad choices come and they go. Keep going strong Frae!
It feels great, but does my butt look big in these shorts?
by - 11/19/2014 4:41AM

Man, I love running -- it keeps me happy/ unsad. Got to give it to those endorphins; I'm blissed out... Read More ›

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Clothes Pony

You've got a great sense of humor. And besides giving us free feel-good drugs and maintaining whatever we do to our weight through diet, we have to acknowledge that it does burn a few calories too, so negates a little bit of what we eat.

My friend walks everywhere, refuses to own a car even though we live in a public transportation dessert. She gains 10 pounds every summer eating the same, doing the same amount of walking, but in winter she has to walk in cold weather and so it burns enough calories that she loses the 10 pounds she gains in summer.

So it is part of the whole equation. I think the hardest thing to realize in a world where we have more than enough delicious choices of food, and need to do so little physical labor, we lose track of how efficient our bodies are, and how few calories we actually do need to maintain health.
Oh no oh no oh no...
by - 11/17/2014 3:10PM

The dietbet starts tomorrow, so why am I scouring for Baumkuchen online?  Thank god it's not easily ... Read More ›


When you least expect it, it creeps up on you again and again, you just have to keep fighting it. You can do it!


Lol least your smart enough not to hop on the train :))

I drove 2 hrs. to get cookies.....COOKIES......all the way thinking
"what the hell is wrong with me" but I didn't turn around ...just kept on driving,
And of course once I arrived for my cookies,....
I bought enough to last a Month...well a week for me.
But again what the hell is wrong with me???
I feel so bad after I shove them in my disappointed in myself....

Ok done babbling ;))

The good part.....I've been here in DB since Sept & haven't had a cookie or candy since I started ;)) I've lost weight, made my money back plus ;)) ....made friends & am finally liking myself again ;))

Since you were smart enough not to hop on the train, I know you got this ;))
Your going to do great & reach your goal ;)))
I'm rooting for your success ...say goodby to that stubborn 5lbs. Forever ;))))
Plans, plans, I always have plans
by - 11/17/2014 3:50AM

Plans I have galore. The good thing is, over the years, husband and I picked up and kept a few basic... Read More ›

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Streamlined, and bound to be effective. Way to go - this is awesome.
It's a Bet on me, but the winnings go to Scooby's Galgos
by - 11/13/2014 5:33AM

I'm being terribly optimistic before the weigh-in, let alone the start, but I'm already excited, It... Read More ›

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I feel like it gives me a stronger push to go through with it, instead of wibbling backwards, with REASONS, as is usually the case. Even in little things like this, animals make us better people, yeah? :)


I've got goosebumps - this is so very kind. Hugs - Funzie