In the past, I've found myself to be negative. Too negative. Negativity does absolutely NOTHING to help with a weight loss journey...or any journey, for that matter. I truly believe that mindset is crucial and positivity is key. So, I'm trying to be more positive but there seems to be 2 things that just keep getting me down:


Neither one is something that I have any control over - so this Type A personality needs to figure out how to deal with these things without letting them affect my mindset and sabotage my journey. Ha! Easier said than done! But I'm going to try my best.


1) THE WEATHER - I dislike cold and snow and ice get the picture. But I live in Southern Ontario and have no viable plan for relocating in the forseeable future. I need to suck it up.

My plan: Get outside for a walk on those days when the temperature is higher than -5C - even though it is out of my temperature comfort zone, I know the cold and fresh air is great for my body and mind. On days that are colder than, make sure I run on the treadmill - which is strategically located in my basement by a west-facing window so that if it is sunny, I can see the sunshine in the afternoon.

I mean, some days it won't be easy - but nothing worth having comes easy, right?


2) HORMONES - this is the tricky one. I'm so lucky that at a particular time of the month, my weight jumps overnight by 4-5 pounds - yay for me! And on top of it, the cravings are super-intense and cannot be ignored. I've tried snacking on healthy things but it just doesn't cut it. I turn into a ravenous monster that can devour everything in sight without even being aware of it. Trying to fight it, time and time again, just results in failure. So, I need to find a way to roll with it.

My plan: Give in, but dial it down. When I am craving the carbs - have a half portion of tasty seasoned crackers and some hummus to help offset the cravings. If they persist - a glass of water and an apple, followed by more water. When I want chocolate (and this is most intense) - pudding. And if it persists, bide my time with water and treat myself to a hot chocolate after dinner.

I'm not fooling myself that it will be easy - I know that it won't - but I need to give it my best try.