OK, here are two (make that three) things I did today that help me stay on target.  Or less 'off target'.  


1.  I have Almond Milk in my coffee.  No carbs and protein.  


2.  I started the day off eating 7 YES SEVEN large stalks of Celery.  That made me feel like I was getting a lot of food.  But, bacially I was just filing my tummy without carbs.  Then I ate a small container of Cottage Cheese.  And actually, this breakfast saw me through for the next four hours.  That worked for me today and I'm going to try it tomorow also! 


And then at the end of the day when I needed a sweet snack 

3 I walked through Whole foods and tried their GOAT CHEESE GOUDA - and YUM was that the best.  Sweet cheese.  Tasted almost like candy.  No carbs.  GREAT WIN.  Actual name of Cheese:  Cypress Grove Midnight Moon.