Between packing (movers are coming on Monday), last minute shopping (walked 4km through the shopping mall) and parties (I really am trying to moderate the alcohol but the food amai that's hard) stubborn me / impulsive me (which ever one it is) decided I to join the Fitness Warrior 20 ( It is only a 10$ bet, but it is extra motivation to make december count, it starts december the first. I like that there is a corresponding group, I looked at some currant DB4's and I kind of miss (or maybe I didn't look at the right ones) kind of the encouraging, supporting vibe between players... Maybe it is the nature of a DB4 game with only strangers? 

Another thing, I kinda have some impulsive 'let's join LOTS of bets like right NOW' feeling, for which I don't have the cash laying around (first batch Christmas shopping today, it was expensive...) and I am between packing-moving-flying-settlinginanewplace and neither have a gym membership till the 10th nor the time to work-out... Tsk Tsk. My brain has a problem with acception rationalized logic grrhhh!

Either way. So now I have betted $35 (in total) that I could lose 4% of my body weight by the end of December. For both the DB4 en the transformer I am doing the weigh-in on the 30. To be honest it is going to be a hassle to have to keep de scale from being packed-in tomorrow. And with no mirror how am I going to make a full height photo all by myself. Tsk tsk extra stress?!