It took me a few days to finally have time and a laptop & internet to write a blog... So the movers came and went, the flight to my new home for at least the next 8 months went well. First day after arrival I spent in IKEA haha, I am familiar with the new country because well I spent my last holidays (in totaal 11 weeks over almost 2 years here so no urgent sightseeing the first few days).

And then we (my mom and me) got the chance to go to BALI for a 4N3D on the cheap if we left saturday. We had so much fun, the shopping is amazing I saw so much nice stuff - unfortunatly almost all of it was to small for me and I was to fat for it. Flying makes my feet swell-up like crazy, so over 20 hours spread over 3 days made well it was hell the first 2 days (untill I had to massages). None of my shoes fitted, and walking was painfull. And did we walk! Every day between 3 and 7,2 Km in 32+ weather (and yes I got sunburnt:-(). 

What I loved about Bali beside the fantastic shopping and cheap prizes for clothes, shoes, bags and jewelery was the food! From Indonesian satay and rendang to aussie styled hipster cafes and green smoothie & salad bars. Yes I am a foodie. I like/love/enjoy food and the experience of eating out. We had salad for lunch from this amazing place, so we did make some healthy choices!

In the end, I think not over-drinking (I limit myself to only drinking during special occaisons and holidays so this time only 4 units of alcohol over 4 days), no soda but some fruit/green smoothies (with no added sugar!) and really watching my portions made sure I both enjoyed my suprise getaway and still lost some weight (without feeling restricted or cheated, and I didn't end with a guilty feeling for over-eating, over-drinking and gaining weight). 

Friday I am going to my pedicure appointment by bike, with the hills, heat and humidity I am proud haha of not being lazy and already thinking/planning to get a taxi! It's only 6km but it is a start to getting to know my new neighbourhood by bike and getting used to the hills and traffic! 

I am waiting on a response from a gym nearby for a tour and a try-out, I would need to either take a shuttle bus to a MRT station or go by bike (1.8km) and then 4 stops by MRT. Which should take me between 25 and 45 mn depending on traffic. This one is the clossest, but it is quite expensive... But the other ones are father away, take more time to get to, are less nice and have lesser classes during handy times. I still have some trouble being oke with the high amount :-/!