First time ride on the bike in 'my new neighborhood' and I just realized I missed cycling a lot. Weeks before my move I was quite depressed and I didn't really leave my appartment, didn't go to the gym... actually didn't move a lot at all.

Now, I am in a really nice flow. Eating regulary (instead of binging and then skipping for days) and moving every day. 

Cycled about 8 km(? not a lot but a start) - didn't have one of those trackers, it is somewhere haha but where?- it's not flat so a lot of upps and down hill. I am still getting used to cycling ( I am allowed to drive here, and I can borrow the car but I am scared shitless!) on the left side of the road, first watching left then right...

I really got lost (approx. extra 2km) and sunburned ( with all the sweating sunscreen doesn't stay on long). But damn that felt good!!!

And my nails look all christmassy and pretty haha :-D.

We are eating out tonight, Italian and I am not going to feel guilty about enjoying my meal (only main course).