Okay, I just submitted my first official weigh-in pictures. After a day of packing it took me 25 minutes before I located the scale and let me tell you taking a full-body selfie without a mirror is like algebra! Seriously, I dropped the phone from the cupboard where I had it placed and I am secretly quite pleased with the fact that it is still working. But with the poor lighting (most is already packed) and blue/green highlighters you can only read the first letters of the day word. Fingers crossed they pass the referee's judgement... 

A part of me still wants to join another DB4, but I am kind of scared. 

And to be honest I was quite shocked how much I weight I gained the last few months, I am so ready to lose it! Goal for the end of December is -4,9kg. Which is quite a lot, it is a scaringly high number. But is a little over 1,3 kg a week. It should be doable. I can do it. I'm going to.

Yes, I am going to make it happen.