this is the morning after the office christmas party!! what can i say i drank i ate and was merry. deffenatly over ate and drank coktails. 

last year was my first christmas party and my collegues got me very drunk. (i am the youngest person in my company) i this year i thought, we are going to a posh place, so I'm not going to get drunk or do anything embarrasing!

I currently work for a group of solicitors, really nice bunch! They took us to this very posh place. All the men were in suits and tux and the women dressed in cocktail gowns and evening dresses, it was like a sea of elegance. we had burlesque performers and a belini cocktail reception, live music though out the night. 

i donned an vintage off the shoulder valor dress, it was one of them charity shop bargins that suits my body shape amazingly, and i fitted into it perfectly this year i felt amazing and very trim! 


 So i was talking to the chiarman of the company and his wife and one of the law frims parteners, found out that we went to the same university. so he sai HIGH FIVE, as i reached for it the strap on my dress broke and my boob fell out!!! 


Needless to say for them christmas came early!! I could have died from embarressment. It was one of them situations where all i could do it laugh histerically.