I joined another competition i know it highly unlikely that i will ever win. my philosiphy is If you don't enter you will always lose! 

I joined a body building website, (i just want to get really lean) and i have been struggling to write my own porgrms. So im taking thiers and altrering it for my own goals. 

It has an awsome food tracker, weight tracker and mesurment tracker, and gives you stats on how you are doing. as well as Perfromace goals in Lifting. 

Something about it has just sent my motivation through the roof, I can't wait to get started!


I'm a little nervious about posting before and after photos on the main site but i guess the only way I'm going to change is to face what I am now! its like pulling a plaster off. build form the bottom up. 


my new mantra has been: 


This is the last day i will ever be this big


I understand that this may seem shallow, but for me it works. I chringe at taking pictures of myself, and since being on here i have visibaly shrunk, ( i struggles trying to upload my pics 

Even at my smaller weight my body image is still so poor, but it is better than it was! so its a small victory for me. 


I need to remeber that rome was not built in a day! but by surrounding myself by like minded people and people with the same goals as me, i can achieve anything.