You know when you look forward to somehting and its not as amazing as you remember it to be? 


So i have been ruthlessly dieting and chaning my eating habbits for the past month and a bit, and on staturday was a planned Cheat meal. 

(I helped my uncle with an amaing christmas fair and he brought all the helpers a takeout chineese) 


My day consisted of handing out bacon and cakes and coffees, so all the things that i am not alloud to eat, and let me say, my will power must have rised about 8 points on the day! 


so i had been like a good little puppy foaming at the mouth all day for a treat, and then came the moment.....the chinese


the sticky glazed sweet chilly beef, plain noodles with a sprinkling of sweet and sour sauce, and a nice cold can of Full FAt Coke.  

 Maybe I romantacies it in my head a little  ( i tend to over dramatasise thing in my imagionation) but it really was not as orgazmic and as great as i thought it was going to be :-( needless to say i was a bit gutted! 

I have 3 more planned cheat days in the form of christmas meals with some sports clubs and work also not forgetting christmas day. 


Not that im living for these meals, im not but im getting to the point where im not sure i want to cheat on my diet if the actual cheat meal is going to be that much of a dissappointment.

(chirstmas day wont be!!!! cant beat Grandmothers cooking) 


anyone eles exsperancing this?