christmas party nightmare!


12/13/2014 7:04AM
OH MY GOODNESS!!! GIRL, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW YOU FELT AT THAT MOMENT!!! YOU HAD A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION LIKE JANET JACKSON DID WHILE PERFORMING AT A FOOTBALL GAME A FEW YEARS AGO!!! OOOO!!! WEEEE!!! They got a freebie last night!!! DAMN!!! I'm glad that you laughed it off!!! At least you didn't run out of there like a bat out of hell!!! You handled it well, & I'm sooo proud of you!!! I hope & pray they don't make jokes & put you in an awkward position when you show up for work Monday. Just go into the office & smile, & if some people make certain comments, just brush it off & say, "Hey SH-- HAPPENS", & maybe they'll shut the HELL UP!!! LOL!!!Other than that incident, it sounds like it was a great party!!! Hope you continued to have fun!!! :-)
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Elana, that's a great atttitude!!! I'm glad you can see the humor in it!!! :-) I'd ask him!!! LOL!!! Hey!!! It can't hurt!!! LOL!!!

elana g.

lol ill let u know how that goes! lol. ;-)

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