I picked this header because I actually ate a salad yesterday. I think I might have shocked my system. It's in rebellion now, stomach turning and plenty of gas from the produce. Wow. Do I really eat so unhealthy that I now get a stomachache when I eat something healthy? Weird. That is certainly not a problem I could have ever anticipated.

My newest challenge is in deciding what to eat because there are so many foods I suddenly have different opinions on. I used to love eggplant, and asparagus, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, whole grain bread, donuts - and I used to hate spicy anything. But now I don't like any of them except some tomatoes,  I like wasabi on my sushi and I have a craving for buffalo wings. It's so weird to me. I'm also really loving pickled anything, and pretzels. Crackers and ramen noodles make up many of my meals, and I crave soup and lunch meat. Not the healthiest, I know. I just can't seem to find fruits and veggies that I love these days, and especially that are in season. (I'm not pregnant, if the pickles had you wondering.)

I'm think a part of it too is that I don't have much free time. That's really just an excuse, I know, because making something healthy always tastes better than eating from the freezer meals, but I really need to work on finding the time to prep healthier meals.

On the fitness side: I can tell you my vision of what I want in my life and what I want to be able to enable my body to do is clearer than ever. Of course, if daydreaming burned calories I wouldn't be overweight.

What has enabled you to get on a fitness schedule and stick with it? How have you been able to fit in time to not only workout, but to also eat healthy and plan meals?