I think I have solved my own weight loss dilemma. My biggest struggle is in eating well. I tend to eat crap pretty often without a second thought. I eat out, order in, and buy lots of microwave meals. Of course I know these are not ideal, but that doesn't stop the part of my brain that gets overrun with the hunger monster and only thinks of my next "fix." I look at food as a means to an end to my headache/boredom/growling stomach, and not as fuel or something to enjoy. Sure, I enjoy those crappy foods, but not nearly as much as I enjoy a plate of cheese and grapes, or a breakfast made up of 1/2 an avocado, sliced turkey, and 3 plump strawberries (my breakfast today!).

So I started thinking, instead of researching one million things, or planning extensive meals, maybe I will simplify things. I'm not going to research the "rules" of healthy eating, or stick to a diet plan. I’ve done that, and I know what is healthy and unhealthy. I'm not going to count calories, either. I like the idea of paleo, eating "clean," focusing on whole foods and whole grains, cutting out processed/artificial/simple sugar-based anything, and keeping my meals easier. Instead of grabbing a pizza, I will grab a whole grain tortilla, some sauce, and a sprinkling of good, wholesome cheese. Instead of looking for candy/sweets, I will eat some fruit. When I think I'm craving white crabs, I will drink a glass of water and eat some protein.

I think I was overcomplicating the idea and in the process I was burning out before I could efficiently plan everything. I need to focus more on eating without distraction, eating more real foods, and enjoying every bite. Oh, and not listening to any kind of "standard." My family is used to a big meal, and usually meat and potatoes or pasta for dinner - but I'd rather eat that for breakfast, have some egg whites for dinner, and snack on grapes. If I want spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella for lunch, or a real fruit and veggie smoothie, that's what I will have.

I also think that in my food diary instead of counting portions or calories, I want to write down when I ate, what the foods were, and whether I did anything while eating (like watched TV, sat on Facebook, cleaned the kitchen, etc.) or if I actually sat down and enjoyed it.

Last thing - I learned something on Tuesday that I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate. I ate soup about 20 minutes before I went home for the day. By the time I got home about an hour later, and cleaned up the house a little, and cooked, I had chosen something healthy because I wasn't starving and craving salty, cheesy, creamy, or fried anything. Hmmm it seems like a solid foundation for eating well – to never get too hungry so you can always think straight. I bet even the healthiest of eaters is tempted by the fried foods at a party if they haven’t eaten in hours!