It seems I have struggled with my weight since my daughter was born, August 3, 2002. In 2009, I lost thirty pounds and ran my first half marathon. Unfortunately a foot injury put the brakes on my running and I became depressed and really stopped doing anything for my health.


While I was happy in most of my life I found the lack of ability to run and being an emotional eater I was gaining again.  


In 2013, I started over and found myself teetering near 160lbs. My highest ever! I trained for another half marathon hoping to drop some weight. Nothing happened. Except a knee injury. 


The difference is this time I had someone tell me that I had to do something. I could not stop because I was an athlete and no one could take that from me but me.  Not many people get ot say they are grateful to their tire guy but I really am. He has really helped me financially over the years but this time he helped me emotionally on a level I don't think anyone else could. Maybe because he was na outsider. Maybe because he is a triathlete. But either way I found myself swimming when I couldn't run because of the injury and then slowly incorporating biking. Then I made the decision to become a triathlete. I began the training in February and for the first time saw some weight loss making it all the way down  to 156lbs. 

Something happened where I regained(really am not sure) that weight and was back up to 161lbs.


In February I went  and saw a brand new doctor who acknowledged that running was an addiction. He really encouraged me to do the tri. I also went to physical therapy. Where htey had the same amazing attitude.

I finished the triathlon in June 22nd this year. Unfortunately since June 2, 2014 the scale has not moved.

Over the last month I have put a lot of effort into focusing on my diet and exercise. I am doing lots of weights and cardio.  These last two weeks  have been really good diet wise and I have not exceeded my calories except on my funday(which is not sunday) and right now I am working out 6 days a week with a bank of 1900 calories. I am slowly working my way to a lower calorie allotment(end goal 1600 per day) but with blood sugar issues my doctor wants me slowly lowering so I find the sweet spot for me. No sugar issues, sustainable, and encourages weight loss. 


I am really hopeful this is going to be the jumpstart I need.