According to the scale this morning I lost 1 full lb! I am amazed! 

I thought the little bit of self sabotage I did last night would affect the scale.

I took the afternoon off yesterday to spend time with my daughter at  her dance class and maybe go see earth to echo.  Unfortunately we got a call my mom was in the hospital. She is"fine" (Mom has a long term illness) but we spent the afternoon and early evening handling that.  Once done we stopped for Mexican food. I did the best I could ordering but didn't quite realize how they did their fajitas there(melted the cheese and lots of it right on to the peppers, onions, chicken) but live and and learn. I did eat some chips and salsa but truthfully very little. By the time we got home I had a migraine and just needed to be still. I drank some fluids and went to bed early.


And woke up to 1lb lost! First positive movement in almost two months!