It's 2015 and I am ready and almost prepared. 


I made out my new running list to go by for the next 12 weeks. I have to prepare myself to run a Half Marathon March 22nd and for the past 2 weeks I have slacked off pretty badly on my running as stress got the best of me. 


I need to take control of my stress this year and stop letting it interfere with my life. One day I will have to learn that I am unable to control chages that happen on a daily basis and stop letting it effect me and put me on the ground


I have a goal and its time for me to take charge and reach it. I am going to follow the bod-e plan as I had success with it on the last 2 diet bets I have done. I am also going to start running 2 miles every day! I am going to have to force myself for this goal but I am sure I can do it. 


To a New You this New Year!!!!