I woke up to an exciting small weight loss,  it was a great start.  After a few hours of changing babies diapers, getting everyone breakfast, picking up random toys and squeeze in a little work I recieved some news about my grandpa.  He is in the hospital and is dying, my heat aches.  I try to stay postive and make my healthy food.  A few shorts hours later I get more extremly rough financial news for our family.   I head off to work, to much effort for little $ today and I end up getting a chicken sandwhich from chick fila and had a few fries.  It wasnt a total diet breaker but not on my daily plan.  Tomorrow is a new day and back on track I go.  No more bad news! I need to learn other ways to deal with stress, anxiety and sadness then just eating something convient and fast. Emotional eating is a downfall of mine and I need to replace it with something else. Tomorrow is my daughters birthday, I see a good workout in my future, I wouldnt miss having a few bites of her 1st birthday cake with her. <3