The scale hasn't moved in a week.  Normally, this would send me yet into another spiral of eating everything in sight and giving up.  Not this time!!  I'm focusing (hahaha!  Funny choice of words after my drastic vision change on Monday.  Forgive me, it is early.) on the changes I can see and feel.  I have SO much more energy - no more 3pm slump at work.  My underwear are baggy and my husband swears my butt is smaller.  I know some of my clothes are now a little big and my rings are sliding off my fingers. 

I'm really working on this being a life change as opposed to some temporary diet that I'll be done with when I hit my goal.  It can't work that way for me anymore. 

One hour at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a choice at a time.  That time is now and it is MY time to shine!!