How many times have we all said it?  If we had a dollar for every pound we'd lost, regained, lost again...we'd all take one fabulous vacation!

I'm bound and determined that this is the last time I lose every single pound on my journey toward my goal.  To think about why I gained every single pound - the decisions, feelings, the situations, emotions - all of it.  What I have to do to finally say goodbye to every excess pound FOREVER.  I'm sick and tired of seeing those pounds come back to taunt me, reminding me that I gave up yet again.

Of course numbers are a part of it.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I want to see that scale drop every single week.  But it isn't just the numbers on the scale - it is the numbers coming back in my annual bloodwork, the sizes of my clothes (and shoes!), the drastic drop in my glasses prescription from cutting sugar way back, to the hours spent hiking.  All those numbers count. 

I'm teaching myself that this is the time for me to learn lessons I can live the next 50 years of my life.  That I can go out and eat a dinner that in past diets I would consider "bad" and an excuse to blow it for weeks or months on end.  What I am working my ass off on is that everything in moderation.  I can't eat out 8 meals a week and expect to fit into my jeans and have normal blood pressure.  It just isn't possible.  Does that mean I can't go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant and eat chips and salsa?  Nope.  It just means that earlier that day I can't have also gone to Panda Express and scarfed down chow mein and orange chicken.

Moderation, balance and planning.  If I learn anything on this amazing journey, it will be that.