Well, the dreaded bloodwork is back and while the news wasn't all bad, it wasn't good.  The reason my vision changed so drastically is because I'm diabetic.  And not just borderline, either.  I'm on 2 meds now and pricking my damn fingers daily for the next month.  If there is no improvement I have to start giving myself shots.

And I'm terrified. 

I almost threw up when the doctor told me.  I couldn't stop crying like a blubbering idiot.  Were all those meals of crap, overeating, bags of chips or candy at one sitting worth it?  Look what I've done to myself..all for stupid food.

I'm overwhelmed.  I now have no clue what to eat, I'm hungry and stressed and tired.

I know with hard work I can overcome this.  But that is one big mountain to climb and I'm so tired.  Will I give up?  NEVER.  But for today, I really would like to hide from the world.  With a bowl of ice cream :(