It's been a long time coming....I'm back!


I joined Dietbet during a difficult time in the year filled with comfort foods and social drinking galore. Somehow, some way, I held strong despite starting my post-collegiate life with a new apartment, new job, and new challenges. I saw the weight fall off month after month and the compliments follow along.

That is, until December. Despite signing up for a 5k (and running it....mostly), it was tough to resist all the temptations during a major holiday and my birthday. My body also seemed to give up and held stubornly to a pound for weeks. It was enough to deter me from joining another game after losing 2 in a row. 

Ultimately, I was overconfident and underprepared. But that is not the case this time. Knowing that I have been successful before gives me hope and having the support of my trainer spurs me forward. Taking a month off has given me perspective on my bad habits and learning what good habits to adopt. I'm now more mindful of my hunger and when it is actually food I'm craving or a distraction. I'm now more mindful of the stress I put on my body and how to recover. 

I want to share my weekly goals because it will keep me accountable. If you want, share yours down below:


  1. Drink half my weight in ounces with at least 2 cups of tea
  2. Avoid alcohol until Saturday
  3. Weigh myself again on Sunday as well as take body tape measurements
  4. Do the 7 Minute HIIT app 3 times this week: MWF
  5. Walk or jog 7,500 steps every day
  6. Practice yoga every day of this month 
  7. And for days when I'm not doing HIIT, extra stretches to give my body extra love :)