I'm currently embarking a diet challenge this month which consists of me not having meat of any kind until Thanksgiving. Sadly, this is what my mom told me when I was getting my hair done 2 weeks ago. It could have been spurred by my bf's joke about what I'll have for dinner, but I get the feeling this is how a lot of people view a vegetarian/vegan diet. Even as an omnivore, I'm offended!

This challenge has definitely shown me there are MANY yummy options than just salad, and even salads can be exciting! So yes, I eat salads (like today's lunch: apple, red cabbage, brussels sprouts, raisins, and chickpeas with homemade dressing), but I also have stir-fries, soups/stews, burritos, pizza, pita wraps, pasta, etc. Heck, even rolls (mmm, spring rolls). Thank god I love beans and tofu! And as I'm going the vegetarian route, I can have eggs (love), cheese (double love), milk (although it's almond usually since the bf is lactose-intolerant) and yogurt (life-saver). 

Do I miss meat? Of course, especially after having to turn down free tacos. But I feel good about my choice and I'm adding new veggies to my palate (mexican squash, oooh!). And apparently I'm getting results: certain clothing items feel loose and I have received compliments not only from my mom, but also my bf's dad!

It also pleased me greatly when I took my mom to a vegan restaurant and she thoroughly enjoyed their "fried chicken" dish so much that she ordered another for my dad (but I'm sure she ate some too!). 

I only have a couple more days of explaining myself to people, but I think this challenge will still impact me and my choices as I rediscover the taste of turkey.