Coming to you live from the office!


Apologies for the lack of posts lately. It has been a combination of being out of town and laziness. But while I'm on lunch break, let me update you on my progress thus far:


I have 6 days left in my second Dietbet. As of today, my scale says I'm 0.5 pounds away! Here is my strategy for this week:


  1. Drink as much or nearly half my body weight in water and avoid alcohol (got drinking out of my system last weekend)
  2. Reduce my salt intake (goodbye pretzels/popcorn) and watch the carbs (goodbye pasta) while also increasing the protein (hello tofu, oatmeal and granola!)
  3. Eat as many different kinds of veggies everyday (a sweet potato fry is a veggie, right?)
  4. Workout everyday except Sunday (duh): do at least 2 different kind of exercises
  5. Believe in myself that I can lose that little bit easily!


All doable goals and nothing too drastic. I have been adjusting more to my vegetarian diet lately. The plan is to avoid meat until the holidays and even on Thanksgiving not to go too crazy. I'm contemplating continuing this challenge until the next major holiday or slowly incorporating meat back into my life. The one thing I do miss the most is fish, and that's probably because my trainer included salmon in my meal plan every week. And no sushi for me :( Hmmm, decisions decisions..... 



I did snack quite a bit yesterday, but on healthier treats (pita bread, half a serving of almonds, carrots and hummus, 1 box of raisins, some apple slices, 1 dark chocolate candy). I have also incorporated the trick of taking 10 sips of my water, which I end up drinking more than that! Eating slower and drinking tea has also helped me gauge when I'm actually full and reduce my portions.


What's probably the craziest thing is that I'm almost at my high school weight. Yes, I'm aware I just graduated from college so it hasn't been that long, but it just dawned on me the changes to my body in such a short period of time. And with the weight came unhealthy choices, additional stress and illness. Now, despite my soreness, I feel pretty good! My immune system has been awesome so far, though it probably is because of the unusually warm California fall. I can't really tell how well my body is functioning until the end of winter/early spring which is when I usually get sick.


I'm grateful for the changes thus far and I look forward to pushing myself further. Who knows, I could potentially lose more than 20 pounds by the end of the year :)