Woohoo!  Two more pounds gone!  I am so close to getting under 190...which I have not done since at least 2004.  That is my goal I am fixated on now.  We had a bday party for my daughter on Saturday and I did have birthday cake (a slice or four, yikes), but I worked out after the party and then back to clean eating until I weighed in today.  I have not been drinking alcohol at all since Jan 1 as I am in training for a Rowing race on Feb 21st, so that has helped me get back on track if I do have a splurge meal or two.  I am hoping I can keep this momentum going and be under 190 by Round 1 weigh in or week after.  I want to meet my 6 month goal and completely surpass it by the time this dietbet is finished.  It sure is helpful to have this as motivation!  Even if I lose only a pound a week, or hell, just lose anything, that is one baby step closer to my goal.