So, here I am cutting calories, burning fat, and I am gaining weight! I have been foiled by this before, so I decided to "tune in to my body" to try to figure out what is going on... Well, I think I've figured it out- it's my "lady days".

You know what I mean... those days where you feel like you are ready to hit someone, and cry, and eat chocolate, and sing, and sleep all at once! And then there's the feeling fat, and the soreness, and the muscle fatigue, and the headaches... It's a mess and it messes with me!!!

So, now that I know this, I have determined that I will not worry about the "phantom weight gain" that I have been exeriencing since I know it will be temporary. Instead, I will focus on relaxation, eating more vegetables and fruit, sleeping a bit more, and doing more yoga. And hey, since my "lady days" are in full swing, by the day of weigh-in I should be at a peak for actual weight gain or loss!

Take that "lady days"!