So, here I am, walking 6 days a week and loving it, and then WHAM! the pain comes on. It started as a slight burning in my hip, but after a couple of days was a raging fire radiating from my hip to my knee! Walking made it worse, resting made it unbearable... so I went to Dr. Nick, my new chiropractor.

Dr. Nick lays me on my stomach and blurts out, "Yep, your right leg is a full 1/2" shorter than your left, just as I thought."

I'm thinking at this point, "No wonder I wobble when I walk and my abs burn so much- they are trying to stabalize an uneven gait!".

Then Dr Nick drops another bomb and says that my neck is "way out" which I knew because my arm was burning too, but that's been happening for so long, I am used to it.

So his suggestion is rest, adjustments, and stretching. I can stretch, and he can adjust, but I cannot imagine resting when I'm trying to win this bet! I want to have no pain, but I want to win more!

I know I'm crazy sometimes, but I am willing to trade a few weeks of pain-free living for the prize of winning this bet and reaching a 10 year goal!!!

Here's to doing no more damage, and to winning even when it hurts!