So we've all been there before ... we have a great week.  We have a cheat meal.  Then the next day we don't feel like cooking/meal prepping so we slip up.  We decide screw it ... lets order some pizza, breadsticks and a chocolate chip cookie cake while were at it.  (well that was my situation lol)  So I had my cheat meal on saturday ... then ordered a pizza on sunday night.  Ate the leftover pizza and breadsticks that were sitting on my kitchen for lunch on monday.


So this is the point usualy where I give up.  I used to tell myself and started to tell myself this time that its over.  Now I ruined this whole weeks work by messing up these three days ... guess I'll just say screw it and keep eating bad.   That's how easy the slip up turns into a fall down until 6 months late when I've ruined all my hardwork and decide to start AGAIN. 

This time was different though and I honestly believe it was a first for me.  After first thinking I ruined everything and it was all pointless (my own worst enemy).  Then I texted a friend and was telling her how I messed up and hadn't been to the gym for three days while eating bad.  While we were talking I talked myself into going to the gym the next day ... and she also told me how I shouldn't give up.  To think about what I really am doing this for.  So that next day I ate better ... went to the gym (dreading it) and afterwards felt amazing.  It took three days for me to feel defeated and one good day back on track to make me feel like it wasn't over.  I still was bummed that I didn't think I was going to loose anything that week but I worked out and kept going and on my weigh in day I still lost 1.4 lbs. 

Yes it was only 1.4 lbs but it also was bigger than just the number.  It shows that when you slip up if you catch yourself and don't quit its worth it.  It was the first time I ever kept going through something like that and the feeling of getting it together was incredible.  It showed me how much willpower and motivation I really have.  I know there are going to be other slipups but knowing that I can power through them the way I did with this one makes me feel ... even more ready.  Even more determined. 

All these things that keep happening this time around are just showing me more and more how this time is different.  How its really going to happen.  I'm really on this weightloss journey and as long as I can keep my patience my goals are entirely reachable.