Ok, Round 1 is done. And I won, yay!!! I lost my kilos without any additional exercise. I didn't work out at all. That's why:

I know myself. I know my big resolutions. I know my bad habbits. I know my weaknesses.

When I stopped eating chocolate and sweets on Jan 10th, that wasn't the first time I did that. A couple of times I tried losing weight by cutting out sweets and exercising every day. And every time I failed miserably, every single time. After 2 weeks all the big resolutions went out the window and I sat on the sofa again with my chocolate bar.

It simply was too much change. I couldn't keep up with my huge resolutions. I was craving the sugar AND excausted from working out. I couldn't manage. So I gave up.

This time should be different. This time IS different.

I'm still not eating chocolate and sweets. And when I joined the DietBet I changed the rest of my eating habbits as well. I did really well on my eating in Round 1. I only had 2 or 3 unhealthy cheat meals. And the weight dropped. I made my goal for Round 1 and already about 70% to Round 2 goal. I enjoy eating. I'm not starving and I don't crave the sweets anymore. I did this step.

Now that I feel comfortable with my eating and I have that under control, now it's time for the next step: adding exercise. I'm going to do that in little steps as well. Maybe 2-3 times a week for Round 2. And if I can keep that up then I can add more.

I'm sick of failing. I want to change and I want to get healthy. So this time the changes are not overwhelming because of the huge resolutions. This time I'm going to change step by step but in the end they will be for good :)