Nella Wafer

I am working on losing weight because of my fear of diabetes, which 3 out of my 4 immediate family members have. I'm determined to minimize every risk factor for myself.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salmon

Favorite Sinful Food: No food is sinful!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Swimming

My Approach to Weight Loss: Food journaling and exercise

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Charity Miles, Garmin Connect, iphone health data

Fitness Devices: Garmin swim watch

DietBet Winnings: $597.84

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12/09/2017 11:08AM
Nella, I enjoyed having you in Spin & Swim. I am inspired that you did manage to get some swimming in. At the start you indicated that Swimming for you through the winter isn't easy since you don't have an indoor pool you can use. But I am encouraged you DID get some swimming in. Let me know if I can help encourage you going forward.

Nella Wafer

Thanks, Thomas, I appreciate your kindness and concern! I have been swimming more, even more than I posted about. Not sure if the kickstarter is the best setting for me on the whole, so I may or may not join the next Spin & Swim, but I appreciate your concern!

Biking Syl

12/26/2016 4:50PM
Hi there, Fitness Warriors 45 is waiting for you! We’d love to have you join us! Julie asked me to host it, because she will be at the Fitness Warriors meet in Mexico. No reason we shouldn’t have fun at home, though! Let’s start 2017 with fun, fitness and plenty of support! ### $10 bet, starts January 1, late weigh-ins OK. ###


02/14/2016 1:28PM

Nella Wafer

Thanks for suggesting it, but I'm swearing off kickstarters for a while. 4% in a single month is just a bit more stressful than I'd like.


02/10/2016 5:11PM
I see the difference in your 40 pound weight loss. Also it may have taken you longer, because you are smaller.


02/10/2016 5:08PM
Thank you for all the suggestions and advise. Here is a reply to your Novel ;-) By the way, you should start a Blog and then tag us on your Blog.#Nella you are too funny with your Novels, I hope there not people Coding while you are doing all this typing..ok, bad joke…I have lost 96 pounds, 5 years ago, but I gained it back..I don’t remember really how I lost it nor how I gained it back. Well I worked out a lot and took supplements. I do not remember how I gained it back. I just remember life happened and then I was big again. I lost 75 from 275 and it took a lot to do it and what I was doing, no longer works like it did when I was 275. I have another 75 pounds to lose, I am only 5’1’. I was thinking I would shoot for 125 as my goal. I will work on being more positive. Me too, my PMS causes a good 3-5 pounds as well, No Bueno..Did I say that I was strict, let me clarify, I am not strict, I just have not been eating the way I like for the weight that I am losing. I feel like I should be losing more and at a more steady rate. One off day should not set me back 5 pounds. I don’t really have cheat days, I do not really have a good eating plan. I am an emotional eater and I am really trying to use working out as my go to for my emotional days, or praying, but for some reason, I do not know if God is listening, that is another story.I do not turn to food when I get frustrated; I am not sure what I do now. I am really starting to blank out on this whole diet thing. That is why I was


I just reached my limit..continued...Ok I will look at my progress.You are right I do restrict myself and then feel like I need to exploded sometimes. I think that is when I am stressed or frustrated, with the process. I do not have fitness pal. I think that is it, if I missed anything let me know. Hope you are having a good day. I am pretty excited that I have been finding so many good workouts on Youtube. I need a new phone, or a computer or laptop or notebook, something...

Bonnie D

07/31/2015 7:58AM
We'll have to do a lot of swimming to knock this one out!

Spanish F.

06/18/2015 2:22PM
Hello Nella, Hope you are doing well. Great job - keep it up!


06/16/2015 7:20AM
Great job on the loss!!