Hey hey,  


Yesterday was a really long day and ended with me fainting in public (cringe), so here I am home sick again.  Not terribly sick, but I guess not quite back on my feet yet either - I've been really dizzy and weak since yesterday morning.  I had work and then an event to go to - an event with free dinner and a kombucha bar, amazing, how could I pass that up?!  I had a really good time but I was feeling pretty woozy despite eating throughout the day, and I hit the ground pretty hard.



I've always been a fainter - I've probably fainted about seven or eight times in my life. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) after a delightful test which involved fasting 12 hours, and then going to the hospital, drinking a glass of pure glucose solution, and having my blood taken every hour for six hours to check my sugar levels.  Probably the least fun day of my life.  So my body processes sugar more quickly than normal - which makes your adrenaline levels spike and then drop quickly. My aunt has the same condition - it's not much of a problem anymore as long as I eat well, but when I get sick or hungover or don't eat enough, I get dizzy and shaky and keel over if I don't get some food in me fast.  I hate feeling like a damsel in distress so it's a great incentive to avoid sugary food and drinks and too much alcohol.  


Anyway! Yesterday I ate really well - I definitely ate more than usual because I had to load up on protein and fat and good sugar after my little episode, so that was annoying.  At least my stomach is all better - it's just some kind of lingering bug making me a little weak. I'm just sleeping like crazy today and taking it easy so tomorrow I should be back to normal!


Monday 3/2/15

Sleep 7.5 

Walk 4.8 

Lemon water, matcha

Green smoothie (organic protein powder, half an avocado, 4 cups spinach, pea sprouts, 1/3 cup blue berries, 1 tbsp chia)

3 green teas, dandelion tea, oolong tea

Zucchini pasta, chicken, tomato sauce


1 serving of turkey

1 serving of walnuts


1 mini cucumber

Kale salad with a bunch of veggies, kombucha

*Fainted* >:(

Protein powder almond milk

Half an apple

Leftover chicken with butternut squash

1 serving cashews