It has been a few days since I blogged and I feel like I have stuff built up in my mind that I need to get in the blog I am one of those people that is i an introvert so I need to put my toughts in written form.


Sunday foodwise it was a bad day after Saturday being my first ever was great. However on Sunday I ate to much fat food I was on the go most of the day I did get my cardio in on the stationary bike 20 minutes. All because I left my good food at home.

Monday was a lot of water and I ate fewer calories than what my recommened minimum is by 600 calories. no Cardio on Monday but I did do some fast paced high rep strength training.


Tuesday and Wednesday was very good the only problem I am currently having is getting out of bed the DR. gave me a sleeping pill to help me sleep at night but I don't wakeup when my alarm goes off so now I am thinking of not taking it but after last night of not taking it I was up most of the night I got about 3 hours of sleep and I am still not tired. So I see we are going to have to make some adjustments in the meds so I can adapt and over come.

Then today was 2 doctors appointments one for test and one for rotine stuff I had to fast last night and this morning the worst part was no coffee until I got home which was about 11:30 am then I had my cup of coffee with my lunch brown rice some sausage and spinach. I almost forgot I did have my blueberries and string cheese with my apple after my firts appointment that way I didn't have to stop at any fastfood places. Small victory but I am so tired of fast food. One thing that keeps from going back to the fast food places when I get a craving for the fast food I tell myself the workers there don't wash their hand after using the bathroom and that usually gets me though my craving ever since Sunday that is. I am in some pain right now so I will be going to lay down. I know I am tired of this ankle hurting I just wish it would hurry up and heal so I can be done with it already. Sorry that is my rant about my ankle for the month.

Thank all you men and women for your wonderful post they motivate me so much. We can do this.