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I need to for my health

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Favorite Health Food: Spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: chocolates

My Preferred Method of Exercise: stationary bike walk in pool

My Approach to Weight Loss: slow and steady life style change

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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by - 03/19/2015 3:15PM

3/19/2015 It has been a few days since I blogged and I feel like I have stuff built up in my mind th... Read More ›

by - 03/12/2015 2:11PM

3/12/15 Ok yesterday was not a good day for me however today has been great so far. I wasn't hungry ... Read More ›

Dominik S

No more excuses. That's exacty it. You got this Jim. :)


good work, Jim!
Adapt and over come
by - 03/11/2015 4:33PM

3/11/2015 I got about 3 hours sleep last night. I was stressing about my Dr. appointment because of ... Read More ›


That's the spirit! We can only move forward and not stress out about what happened in the past. We can't control our past mistakes, but we CAN control how we treat our bodies today and in the future! Sorry to hear about your health issues. It is very tough to get in shape when dealing with pain. Best of luck to you, keep your head up! PS don't try to 'punish' yourself by withholding food...I've done that and it always led to overeating when I got too hungry. Just stick to small, healthy portions and don't beat yourself up over a burger! I had pizza and beer last night, but I made sure to work out also. I will treat it as my 'cheat' day! We all need one every so often.
Adapt and over come
by - 03/10/2015 7:35AM

3/10/2015 With my weight at 292.5 for my initial weighin I need to lose 12 pounds during this challe... Read More ›

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Great start, Jim. Way to not let your injury derail you today.


Good luck, Jim!!! We can do this!!!
by - 03/09/2015 10:35AM

3/9/15 Well I left my phone in my car last night which like most of us has my life in it and one of ... Read More ›


Being able to roll with the punches is a learned skill. Great job!
Adapt and overcome
by - 03/07/2015 1:19PM

well I am new to this diet bet weight loss approach so far the people seem so encouraging which is e... Read More ›

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It doesn't sound as if your road is easy, Jim, which makes me proud that you are stepping out to change your life. I support you!

Jim S

Thank you for the support. And yes it is going to be a rough road for some time but small changes I hear can give us big results. you also have my support Kirsten. Good luck and we will make our goal.