I've been doing relatively well with the last 10 days.  So of course I assume I can relax for a day, reward myself, and have a cheat meal.  De ja vu anyone?

I planned for it to be just one meal.  But since I've been eating smaller meals, I wasn't able to eat it all in one sitting.  So one meal became two.  And then the sick feeling came in, blah.  Too much crappy food!  Oh, and don't forget the cereal I finished off as a desert afterwards.  Unplanned, but the day was already ruined, right?

So the cheat meal became a cheat day.  Just reminds me of the numerous times I would have a cheat day, go buy my snacks, soda, and candy...and then have that day stretched into two or even three days to polish off the horde of calories. 

In the end, it's a great reminder of what I don't want to do.