Monday, Week #2 of the high intensity challenge.  Goal is to get 5 days at the gym where my heart rate is 85% or higher than my maximum heart rate for 60 minutes.  This was suggested by Jillian Michaels on her website as a way to burn off those last pounds which are hard to burn off.

Week #1 showed three days of achieving this result with just two hours at the gym, each hour providing 30 minutes of high intesity followed by 30 minutes of lower intesity workouts and then some rest.  The fourth day I failed to achieve 60 minutes even by adding a third hour to the gym.  Day #5 not much better.

So this week I swapped some protein for carbs for lunch before my workout and once again shot for my goal.


It did take 3 one hour sessions at the gym, but I got in 67 minutes (7 more than my goal).

Following a plan of:

Treadmill high intensity cardio - 20 minutes per hour

Rowing high intensity cardio - 10 minutes per hour

Strength training (low to mid intensity cardio) - 20 minutes per hour

With a 5 minute warm up period pre workout and 5 minute cool down period.

Then 15 minute break in between for some refueling and stretching.

Good luck to all dietbetters on reaching your goals.