I've just completed (and won!) my very first diet bet. But even had I not won, I still would have won. I've been trying for the last 3 years to lose this extra weight. But until now, I've yet to be successful. Being part of Diet Bet has given me the incentive, motivation and accountablity I needed to stick to healthy eating.

My problem is 110% my eating. I have the exercise part down. I exercise - a lot. I run. I do videos. I was going to a boot camp. I've trained for sprint triathlons. But all my exercsing did nothing for my weight. Because my eating was out of control. I can eat in 5 minutes what it takes 2 hours to exercise off. For now, I've got my eating under control. Because I know if I eat the way I want to eat, I certainly won't get my money back.

I was stuck at 3.8% for a couple of days. It was kind of discouraging. The old me would have thrown in the towel and just ate. But this time around I was able to say to myself, "It's okay if I don't get to 4%. 4% would be great, but I'll take this 3.8% and say my $35 was money well spent to get me here. I will keep going on this weight loss journey because I am not happy with my self where I am, and I want to do better for me." So right there is my true win. Getting my money back is just gravy. Part of me feels guilty because I did win, when I know that there are others out there who worked hard and did not win. But even though they did not get the money, they are winners in my eyes. I hope they all realize that not getting the money does not make them any less of a winner.