The Buddhist Way?

Cheryl C.

04/06/2015 1:44PM
Great post! I wrote a bit about this too in my first DietBet blog last year because it felt so essential. I definitely agree that so much of a finding a healthier path is about being present, first for ourselves and for the other selves in front of us. . . So often it is the literal and figurative weight of the past or future that makes it difficult to move! Sometimes of course what we are dealing with right now is pretty heavy, but being more present allows better choices. . ..When I remember to give myself permission to be in this moment - to be kind to myself - to forgive - I am less encumbered by that weight - I free myself to be better able to take in the gifts and possibilities of the precious present .. . . I have to continually remind myself - that's where I find that a meditative practice - attention to the breath and just getting up and moving can help.

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Yes, breathing! Such a simple thing and yet, so hard!

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