I'm feeling completely uncomfortable right now. My fiance and I went to XSport Gym wanting a tour. The gym we went to just closed recently, and we got transferred to another location which is just so crowded that we can never get in the weight room. Again, all we wanted was a tour just to check it out. Before we even could talk to someone they made us sign a waiver saying that they could call or email us and asking for all our info. Then we had to sit with a trainer who pitched us training as we continue to say we didn't want training. He completely ignored my (thin) fiancee while pressing (overweight) me to divulge specifics of my weight, body fat, how much I want to lose even after I continuously told him I'm not focusing on weight I'm focusing on measurements. He kept pushing, pushing,pushing as I kept getting more and more obviously uncomfortable until I finally got up and said, "you are making me uncomfortable; I'm leaving." I went to take the form with all my contact info on it and he said, "you can't take that." I said "I dont want you to call me" and he said "I have to to follow up." So I ripped it up...I just have such a bad taste in my mouth. I just wanted a tour!