I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, and the first thing I noticed was my wasit--it is slowly but surely appearing. Then, I felt my legs--quads very sore from my 135lb PR this weekend, but they felt strong.

Then, I stepped on the scale. Down almost 4 lbs??? Did I flush out a ton of water weight? My period is about to come? This doesn't make sense. All this was going through my mind, but there was also this incredible feeling of happiness. I stepped on again. A pound higher than it said before, but still 3 lbs down. But still, something didn't feel right. I placed the scale differently on the tiles of my bathroom, and I stepped back on. My mood crashed. 1 pound HEAVIER than I was the day before. But the scale was off before, maybe it's just broken. I grabbed my 20lb. weight. It registered at 20.2 as it always does when I check the scale. I stepped on again 4 more times this morning and it said the same thing each time and my mood crashed more and more.

But then I stopped to think why?? I woke up this morning feeling awesome, thinking I looked awesome. None of that changed just because the number changed. So, I have to turn today around. I have to accept the number, but I don't necessarily have to like it because really, a number is nothing to like OR dislike. IT IS JUST A NUMBER. I thought I looked great this morning; I worked out three days this weekend. I squatted more than half my bodyweight. I did HIIT for 40 minutes without realizing it cause I was so into the music I was listening too. THOSE THINGS all tell me that I am a better version of myself than I was 3 months ago.