I have been divorced for 11 years and it has taken me that long to figure out many things about myself, my goals, and most importantly how to be happy and content.  Along the way I was so scared, depressed, anxious and lonely that I ate anything and everything I wanted.  I was not a happy person way deep inside and tried to bury it with food.  I am not a binge eater, I just do not watch my portions and haven't eaten the right combination of foods to fuel my body appropriately.  I don't want to measure, or weigh my foods and I don't want to be compulsive about it.  I just want to make good choices, learn how food tastes again in it's natural state and be creative in the kitchen.  I am reading and doing the Whole30 program and I must say, I like it.  I eat grass fed, organic meats, lots of veggies, ghee and healthy fats for cooking and stay away from bread, dairy, legeumes, and sugar.  Sugar is in everything I have discovered.....so grocery shopping has been challenging as I read every label now.  I took my Mom shopping this week and caught a glimpse of myself from across the room, sitting down in a full length mirror.  I wondered why I didn't see this coming, and why and how did I fool myself, day in and day out that I was not gaining weight.  I figure I have gained 7.5 lbs per year for 11 years.  I went from weighing 124 lbs., at 5'1" to 211 lbs today.  The weight is an insulator, gives me an excuse for not taking chances (like dating) and I have avoided some social occasions just from the sheer stress of what to wear and look decent (in my eyes of course).  When something is frustrating, or makes me angry or sad.......it's off to the pantry I go.  I live alone so, other than an aging cat, I have no where to vent so I hold a lot inside and it comes spilling out just about suppertime.  This is about as honest as I can be......when I read some other posts this morning it made me realize that my situation is not unique (good) and that hopefully there are people here that can relate to my experience.  I am hoping that by watching my meals, prepping ahead of time, making a committment to being active 4 days a week........even if its walking around the block..........I can turn this thing around.  I will need your support so share your story and we will take this journey together!