You know, I like so many others, was not exactly looking forward to stepping on the scales which is why there was dust on them!!  About three weeks ago, I started the Whole30 program and I did actually weigh myself in the morning of the day I started and I have to say honestly that I have lost 4lbs which I pretty darn good and I am not hungry at all.  I have tons of fresh vegetables, fruit, good fats, lean organic grass fed meats.  Although I do miss cheese, farm butter, homemade bread and the like, I find I like Ghee and roasted potatoes in Duck fat is out of this world.  Everything it seems has sugar in it and you would be surprised how many items in the grocery store say sugar free but in the ingredient list, there it is added in under another name.  I have to be somewhat more creative but after 11 years almost of burying everything in food and just buying larger clothes I am really wanting to kick this to the curb!  In my head I see myself not thin, but definitely not plus size and when I stop to think what has happened and be honest about it............nothing is worth giving up on yourself and not embracing life the way I should be.  I went on a blind date know from an online site (one and only time) and as I sat across from this older gentleman with a bit of a belly of his own there was silence at the end of lunch.  I thought it went great but when I asked where do we go from here, he said "Well, this was nice, but you are too fat for me." Now, I dress well, am smart, loving, compassionate, funny.....all sorts of things and this one thing was the deciding factor for him.  I came home, cried and cried and that was the end of my dating after divorce. Have never dared do it again as I promised myself to never be humiliated again.  So here is to us, all of us, who want to be healthy, have a spring in our step, and just feel good about accomplishing something that is so difficult for so many people.  Have a great week everyone!  Polly