$1 Million Bet - 11,000 Players - 82,000 Pounds Lost

Lynn M.

07/19/2016 9:22AM
Hey Aaron, not sure how else to contact you. I was one of the winners for your Bet Big to Win Big Game that ended 7/9/16. When I signed up I was player #4. I haven't gotten my $10 Amazon Gift Card Email from you yet. Would you please let me know what the status is.
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Lynn M.

Two things; first thanks for resending the email for the gift card; my firewall has been sending a lot of stuff to junk mail and it auto clears every night. Secondly, just want to thank you for hosting this high stakes game. I have been STUCK at my weight for 15 years.... This is the first time I have ever had any success at weight loss for more than 1 week! I'm up and down because I'm learning how to adopt a permanent healthy lifestyle and everything involved with that; nutrition, psychology, working out, etc. I know why this works.... it's because I'm competitive. I was an athlete as a kid, in high school and in college. I always thrived on competition.... so I want to thank you for hosting this big stake game!!! If I was going to only lose $15-$30 I don't know if I could keep motivated but a $100 commitment really helps. SO THANKS AGAIN!!!!!


So awesome! I love hearing stories like this. These higher bet games regularly show much higher success rates than smaller bets and I love when nearly 3 out of 4 people WIN!!!!

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